Bind Us Together

Through Our Testimonies


As part of our continued commitment to the kingdom of God and to each other, we have engaged over the last few weeks in a conversation about race, racism, and the role all of us plays in creating a world that aligns with God’s vision. Last night, we had a conversation that was challenging, hard, and yet necessary if our IGB community wishes to continue representing the beautiful tapestry of all of God’s creation. Some of us may have felt angry at times; others may have felt sad. Still others have wished we had this conversation long ago, while others may have hoped we’d never have it at all. Yet, we, as the leaders of the Indianapolis Great Banquet, wholeheartedly believe our commitment to the body of Christ and our citizenship in heaven outshines all other commitments we have, and that means there are times when hard conversations are unavoidable if we are to truly be sisters and brothers on this journey.

Below is a list of resources that you might find helpful in your journey in this important topic.  If you have a suggestion for other resources that we may want to list here, please email us at  Thank you!


Below is a list of books offered up as suggestions for future exploration.

The Color of Compromise” – Jemar Tisby
How to Fight Racism” – Jemar Tisby
I’m Still Here” – Austin Channing
Be the Bridge” – Latasha Morrison
Woke Church” – Eric Mason
Reading While Black” – Esau McCaulley
The Cross and the Lynching Tree” – James Cone
Dismantling Privilege” – Mary Elizabeth Hobgood
The New Jim Crow” – Michelle Alexander
The Tears We Cannot Stop” – Michael Eric Dyson
Witnessing Whiteness” –  Shelly Tochluk